Zoo Enclosures


Stainless steel cables and cable mesh are the ideal products for creating safe, transparent, species appropriate habitats. Our enclosures are strong, durable and even allow you to integrate existing trees and landscape into the structure. We can work with you during the design process and if necessary, provide calculations and technical drawings. 

San Diego Zoo
Africa Rocks


The new Gibbon House was completed in 2020. Inspired by an orchard, the Gibbon House blends in perfectly with the natural environment of the gibbons. A corridor, or sky bridge, was added to allow the gibbons to move easily between the house and Gibbon Island. The corridor was created with stainless steel cable mesh from Carl Stahl.

Africa Rocks Exhibit at San Diego Zoo

The Africa Rocks exhibit at the San Diego Zoo features an outdoor area with a mesh surface of about 6,500 square meters supported by nine steel pylons. A barely perceptible, filigree stainless steel cable mesh construction is the only separation between humans and animals. To create appropriate habitats for the various animals, exact planning, statical analysis, and on-site assembly were required.

About X-TEND®

X-TEND® stainless steel cable mesh is produced on a project-specific basis in our own production facilities in the United States and Europe. Any desired dimension can be realized. Diagonal, triangular or other shapes can also be realized with the cable mesh.

The mesh openings are standard from 18 mm to 400 mm and special mesh openings are of course also possible. The cable diameters are standard 1.5, 2, 3 and 4 mm.

Exactly which type is required depends on the application.

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