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Increasingly, people are opting to secure voids with a strong and durable stainless steel fall net. It is an economical solution because virtually no heavy edge constructions are required. Stainless steel cable mesh is very suitable for large spans. Major advantages compared to, for example, plastic nets are its strength and stiffness. The mesh cannot be cut with a knife and it can absorb large loads.

We are proud to offer cable mesh products manufactured at our production facility in Woodridge, IL that conform to domestic content and “Made in USA” requirements.
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The cable mesh is made of stainless steel AISI316 (also known as 1.4401 or A4 quality). We can guarantee this quality 100% through European certificates. For horizontal safety mesh applications, this steel quality is technically the best solution for price and delivery time.

mesh size.

The size of the openings in the mesh is referred to as the diamond size. Diamond size and cable diameter for horizontal mesh applications vary depending on local code requirements. Cable diameter is often 2mm to 4mm with diamond sizes from 50mm to 60mm. Smaller diamond sizes are also possible.
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Horizontal mesh can be tensioned between, in front of or through the posts. In addition, you can choose to tension the mesh between a border cable or between a tubular frame. There are also various options for detailing the grommets and corners. You can also choose between different mesh directions. View the options below.

border cables.

Mesh is usually stretched between a border cable. That peripheral cable
is led through eyes that are about a meter apart. This is the most transparent
way of detailing.

The circumferential cable is often 8 or 10 mm, depending on the number of
eyes and the span.

border tubes.

From an aesthetic or constructive point of view, the mesh can also be
tensioned on a circular tube. Tubes are rigid and will not bend easily,
creating a tight edge.

The diameter of the circumferential tubes is usually between 20 and 60mm,
depending on the span.

impact test.

Our mesh is frequently used as a safety net around helipads. The requirements for such an application are extremely strict. To test for this, a weight of 290 kg was dropped from a height of one meter on a horizontal net measuring 1.5 by 2 meters to test the impact. It demonstrated that the nets distribute the forces of such impacts to the border construction very well.
Netten rondom helikopterplatform
hellikopter plaftorm netten

high forces.

The cable mesh is tensioned on the cables with a pretension. The border cables also have a certain pretension. The magnitude of this bias is partly determined by the center-to-center distance of the lead-through eyes and the desired sag of the edge cable between those eyes.

If a person (or another load) falls into the net, the forces are transferred via the edge construction to the attachment points. It is important that the fastening eyes are strong enough to absorb the forces. Furthermore, the fastening components must be able to transfer the forces to the constructive columns, walls and floors. In outdoor situations, in addition to these point loads, snow, sleet and wind loads must also be taken into account.

Our team can help you further with the detailing of the stainless steel mesh. If necessary, our engineers will perform static calculations.
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The cost of our X-TEND® stainless steel mesh depends on factors such as diamond size, cable diameter, shape, and overall quantity. Contact us for current pricing options.

delivery times.

Delivery time on the X-TEND® depends on the type of mesh, complexity, and overall quantity. Lead times vary from stock to several weeks. Call or email us for a more specific lead time.


Every project is unique. Our sales team can prepare a quotation for your specific application. Please contact us to discuss your project. We will be happy to assist you.
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