a transparent railing infill.

a transparent railing infill.

and made in USA.

More and more often railings are fitted with cable mesh. This transparent railing infill is durable and strong enough to meet all requirements. Thanks to the flexibility of the mesh, existing railings can be easily updated. The industrial and modern "look" completes it.

We are proud to offer cable mesh products manufactured at our production facility in Woodridge, IL that conform to domestic content and “Made in USA” requirements.
Made is USA-Carl-Stahl-DecorCable

mesh size.

The size of the openings in the mesh is referred to as the diamond size. For railings, a horizontal cable mesh of 1.5mm or 2.0mm cable diameter with 60mm diamond size is generally used. Other diamond sizes are possible, but not common in railings.


The cable mesh is made of stainless steel AISI316 (also known as 1.4401 or A4 quality). We can guarantee this quality 100% through European certificates. For railing applications, this steel quality is technically the best solution for price and delivery time.
Geometry of cable mesh - Carl Stahl DecorCable


Cable mesh can be tensioned between, in front of or through the posts. In addition, you can choose to tension the mesh between a border cable or a tubular frame. There are also various options for detailing the grommets and corners. You can also choose between different mesh directions. View the options below.
Cable mesh railing with border cable - Carl Stahl DecorCable

between the posts.

Detailing between the posts, generally requires many panels of mesh. This leads to a greater circumference area and more connections, making it a more costly application. However, this application is very attractive and quite modern.
balustradevulling tussen de balusters

in front of the posts.

The most economical way is to detail the cable mesh in front of the posts. This conserves circumference area, tensioners and eyelets. This option also offers more transparency. The mesh can be mounted on the inside as well as on the outside.
balustradevulling voor de balusters

through the posts.

This effect is less common, but very interesting. A slot is made in the posts through which the mesh runs giving the railing a unique look. The mesh installation can be a bit more challenging, but the result is a beautiful transparent railing infill.
balustradevulling door de balusters

mesh between peripheral cables.

If the mesh is tensioned between peripheral cables, stainless steel cables of 6 or 8mm are often used. The peripheral cables will always sag a bit due to the pretension of the cable mesh. The greater the center to center distance of the posts, the greater the sag of the peripheral cables.
Tussen randkabels - balustrades met rvs kabelnetten - Carl Stahl

mesh between tubes.

If the mesh is stretched between a tubular frame, a tube of stainless steel 316 is often used. A tube is rigid and therefore bends less easily. The frame must of course be sufficiently supported. Depending on the span, the diameter of the tube is usually between 20 and 50 mm.
rvs kabelnet in frame Carl Stahl

deflection of bordercable.

Due to the flexibility, border cables naturally develop a curvature perpendicular to the direction of the load. This is known as cable deflection or sag. The smaller the distance between the fixing points of the cables, the smaller the deflection. The cables can be tensioned to reduce the deflection, but there is a limit. It is not possible to avoid deflection. If a cable deflection is not accepted, the alternative is to use a stiffer border construction like tubes or rods.

design ideas.

See a selection of our railing projects with stainless steel cable mesh below. Visit our Inspiration gallery for more project photography.

possible mesh directions for cable mesh railing infill.

Maasrichtingen X-TEND


Mounting the mesh in a railing can be done by a general contractor or handy individual. We also offer on-site installation training and support. In any case, it is important that clear working drawings are made of the railing. This allows us to produce the mesh to size and makes installation easier.
Installation of Rectangular Mesh Panel
Installation of CXS Cut-To-Fit Railing Infill

climb resistant.

The climbability requirement applies to railings in residential functions (hotels, homes, apartments, holiday homes, etc.) and in educational functions (primary schools, nurseries, etc.). This requirement was created to prevent small children from climbing over the railing. Our cable mesh testing has shown that the 60mm diamond with a 1.5mm cable diameter meets this requirement.
overklauterbaarheid kabelnetten - Carl Stahl

sandbag pendulum test.

Railings are often subjected to a sand bag pendulum test. In such a test, the safety of the railing is demonstrated by means of the pendulum test according to a Eurocode. All elements of the railing are tested for strength. The stainless steel cable mesh has proven to pass this test several times. It is important that the connection with the edge construction is well detailed. We are happy to advise you on this.


Our cable mesh is very strong and can withstand great forces. For example, a line load of 3 kN is no exception as a load for our cable mesh. The mesh can withstand leaning, kicking and falling. For this reason, X-TEND® cable mesh is used in the most extreme situations where safety must be guaranteed. All loads are generally transferred to the border structure.

The cable mesh is tensioned on the cables with a pretension of approx. 30 to 40 kg per meter. The border cables also have a certain pretension. The magnitude of this bias is partly determined by the center-to-center distance of the lead-through eyes and the desired sag of the border cable between those eyes.
Balustrades van kabelnetten X-TEND - Carl Stahl
If a person (or another load) pushes or falls against the mesh, the forces are transferred via the edge construction to the attachment points. In an outdoor situation, moreover, forces occur as a result of loads such as ice and wind. It is important that the fastening eyes are strong enough to absorb the forces. Furthermore, the fastening components must be able to transfer the forces to the constructive columns, walls and floors.

We can help you with the detailing of the mesh. If necessary, our engineers will perform static calculations.


The cost of our X-TEND® stainless steel mesh depends on factors such as diamond size, cable diameter, shape, and overall quantity. Contact us for current pricing options.

delivery times.

Delivery time on the X-TEND® depends on the type of mesh, complexity, and overall quantity. Lead times vary from stock to several weeks. Call or email us for a more specific lead time.


Every project is unique. Our sales team can prepare a quotation for your specific application. Please contact us to discuss your project. We will be happy to assist you.


X-TEND® The Original
Product information (12mb)
Catalogus balustrades Carl Stahl Architectuur
Railings (6mb)
X-TEND® CXS Cable Mesh Railing Infill (3m
X-TEND® Fixations and Detail Solutions (9mb)
X-TEND® Accessories (9mb)

data sheets.

Datasheet 2mm kabelnetten voorkant
X-TEND® Data Sheet cable mesh diameter 2mm
X-TEND® CXS Data Sheet (1mb)

3-part specifications.

For ease of use, Carl Stahl DecorCable features application specific 3 Part Specifications for Ornamental Handrails and Railings using I-SYS and X-TEND products. We always appreciate your interest in and specification of our products and would be happy to write a custom specification for your application upon request.
Product Description and Intended Use CSI 3-Part Specification Title and Applicable CSI Section Number Download
Download Word Doc
I-SYS IK Series Wire Rope Assemblies, Components, and Hardware for Handrail Infill Ornamental Handrails and Railings - 05 73 00 PDF DOC
X-TEND CXE Flexible Stainless Steel Cable Mesh System for Handrail Infill Ornamental Handrails and Railings - 05 73 00 PDF DOC
X-TEND CXS Flexible Stainless Steel Mesh System for Handrail Infill Ornamental Handrails and Railings - 05 73 00 PDF DOC
X-TEND2 Flexible Stainless Steel Pre-mounted Mesh Panel System for Handrail Infill Ornamental Handrails and Railings - 05 73 00 PDF DOC


The mesh is supplied with the necessary mounting aids including sufficient ty-raps, connection clamps and lacing cable.
X-TEND® Cable Mesh
Installation Manual
X-TEND® Cable Mesh
BASIC Installation Guide (3mb)
X-TEND® CXS Installation Guide (3mb)
Installation of a X-TEND® rectangular mesh panel
Vertical adjustment rectangular mesh panel with X-TEND® eyelets
Installation of pre-assembled diagonal mesh panel with X-TEND® Eyelets
Horizontal adjustment of a X-TEND® rectangular mesh panel
Vertical adjustment of a X-TEND® rectangular mesh panel
Adjustment of a diagonal mesh panel with X-TEND® Eyelets
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