stainless steel greenery systems.

We offer lightweight, transparent cable and mesh solutions for trellises and green walls. Our systems are easy to plan, simple to install and adaptable to a variety of plants and wall surfaces. Our modular system of optimally coordinated components for stainless steel cables and mesh gives planners the freedom they need to let their creativity flow. 
Cable Mesh Greenery System_Carl Stahl DecorCable

materials and applications. 

Our stainless steel greenery systems using I-SYS® and X-TEND® cables and components are designed for installation on any surface, including EFIS and are robust enough for long spans. These light, scalable structures are designed to support the most vigorous vines.

Components and ropes are manufactured from AISI 316 stainless steel for durability, beauty, and strength. The system is highly corrosion resistant and requires little or no maintenance. It possesses an extremely long use cycle and is 100% recyclable.

Special anchoring and support systems provide a limitless ability to design any shape or pattern you desire. A wide choice of spacers, clamps, and supports helps you optimize your design for environmental, building, and aesthetic requirements. Engineered to be easily specified and installed, our systems are designed to get your ideas growing in no time.

For larger projects, specialized engineering and design assistance is available.

greenery system with s.s. cable and aluminum standoffs.

Greencable Greenery System  unites high-tech with ingenious simplicity. It is comprised of 4mm stainless steel wire ropes and specially designed aluminum wall holders. Once the wall holders are installed, the vine support ropes are strung and tensioned by hand. This offers easy and quick installation of small and midsize façade greenery for both commercial and residential applications. It is appropriate for leaf stemmed climbers, scrambling plants and shooting climbers
Greencable aluminum standoff_Carl Stahl DecorCable


The price of the greenery system depends on the products chosen for your specific application. Contact us for a price quote.

delivery times.

Delivery time of the greenery system depends on the products chosen for your specific application. I-SYS® and X-TEND® greenery system lead times vary. Greencable products may be in stock for immediate shipping. Call or email us for more information on lead time.


Every project is unique. Our sales team can prepare a quotation for your specific application. Please contact us to discuss your project. We will be happy to assist you.

catalogs and reference guides.

I-SYS for
Stainless Steel
Greenery Components (8mb)
Cable Mesh
Greencable Aluminum
Greenery System (7mb)
Greenery References (4mb)

3-part specifications.

For ease of use, Carl Stahl DecorCable features application specific 3 Part Specifications for stainless steel greenery systems. We always appreciate your interest in and specification of our products and would be happy to write a custom specification for your application upon request.
Product Description and Intended Use CSI 3-Part Specification Title and Applicable CSI Section Number Download
Download Word Doc
Vertical Plant Support Trellis System using I-SYS Stainless Steel Ropes and Components Stainless Steel Cable Vertical Plant Support System - 32 94 00 PDF DOC
Vertical Plant Support Trellis System using X-TEND Stainless Steel Flexible Cable Mesh Stainless Steel Cable Vertical Plant Support System - 32 94 00 PDF DOC
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contact us.

Contact us for specification assistance or to request a quote. You may attach project drawings in the contact form.

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