experience our
flexible stainless steel
cable mesh.

We offer samples of our standard cable mesh products in natural stainless steel, black and white. Samples are approximately 10”x10” when stretched to their ideal tension and recommended 60-degree angle. Our samples are sent out every Wednesday and Friday via USPS.

If you require a custom sample or expedited shipping, please describe it in the message, contact us at 312-474-1100 or send us a mail on
Stainless steel cable mesh sample from Carl Stahl DecorCable
Cable mesh samples from Carl Stahl DecorCable
Sample Color Rope
Diameter (mm)
CXL MW40/1.5mm Natural 1.5 40 71 40 60°
CXL MW60/2.0mm Natural 2.0 60 104 60 60°
CXL MW80/2.0mm Natural 2.0 80 140 80 60°
CXL MW60/1.5mm Black with
Black Ferrules
1.5 60 104 60 60°
CXL MW60/1.5mm White with
Black Ferrules
1.5 60 104 60 60°

some of the samples

1.5mm x 40mm
Natural Stainless Steel
2.0mm x 60mm
Natural Stainless Steel
2.0mm x 80mm
Natural Stainless Steel
1.5mm x 60mm
Black Mesh with Black Ferrules

1.5mm x 60mm
White Mesh with Black Ferrules

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