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X-TEND® in parking garages.

In parking garages or parking buildings, our stainless steel cable nets are often used as transparent partitions. The cable networks offer many advantages. In addition to providing security and keeping out intruders, cable networks contribute to a sustainable infrastructure. Thanks to the open character of the cable networks, a continuous flow of air and water takes place in the parking garages. As a result, the parking garage is classified as an 'open deck' and the garage closely matches the wishes and needs of sustainable ventilation and sprinkler installations, as well as a sustainable infrastructure. On this page we explain a number of special projects.



sustainable project

The new Jumbo distribution center will be opened in 2020. The associated and also new parking garage is equipped with our stainless steel cable networks. Sustainability played a key role in the new distribution center's construction. All facets were therefore tested during construction. We are therefore proud that we have also been able to contribute to this. The stainless steel cable nets from Carl Stahl offer a sustainable solution for (fall) protection and are also used as a climbing aid system for climbing plants.

fall protection and green facade

The cable nets primarily serve as fall protection, but they are also used as a climbing aid system for climbing plants. The ideal solution for a sustainable parking garage.



22 meters depth

The Lammermarkt in the center of Leiden was renovated in 2015. Below it is the round Lammermarkt parking garage, which has space for 525 cars. The parking garage was designed by JHK Architects. The garage offers space for 525 parking spaces.

transparent view

In the middle of the garage is a large round void with a height of 22 meters and a striking orange line along the floor edges. The nets are stretched between the floors and serve as fall protection.



keep out intruders

Fluor Corporation is an American construction company with a Dutch office in Hoofddorp. The building was designed by Paul de Ruiter architects and the parking lot has been designed on the ground floor. Our cable networks have been used to keep out intruders.

speedgates with cable nets

Access to the parking spaces under the building is via various speed gates. The cable networks are also included in the speed gates. Under the building space has also been created for storing the bicycles of the employees.
Fluor-garage-Hoofddorp-3 - Carl Stahl Architectuur
Fluor-garage-Hoofddorp-2 - Carl Stahl Architectuur

Universiteit Delft


strak design

On the campus of the University of Delft, a parking garage has been designed by VMX Architects in front of the Applied Sciences (TNW) building. Icons of cars and bicycles have been placed in front of the openings along.

airy facade

Garage buildings must always be well ventilated because of the gases from the cars. Cable networks are very suitable for this because of the high transparency. The nets prevent falls and keep intruders out.



architectural simplicity

The new parking building on Kapeldreef in Leuven was completed in 2018. A sustainable and green building that radiates architectural simplicity through its openness and transparency. The parking building was designed by Stéphane Beel Architects. The building has eight above-ground floors and offers space for 750 cars jointly owned by the IMEC research center and the Computer Sciences of KU Leuven. In addition, the building has a bicycle shed that is partly underground.

balustrades and green facade

The parking building has almost 3 km of balustrades fitted with safety nets. The nets can be found on every floor around the building. The safety nets provide a safe and transparent partition and therefore fit in perfectly with the architectural simplicity of the parking building. In addition, the front of the building is equipped with a climbing aid system consisting of 285 m2 of cable net. Within a few months, the climbing plants will climb up and a green facade will appear. For example, a vertical garden has been created in the middle of IMEC and KU Leuven.
Parkeergebouw Leuven IMEC KU - Carl Stahl - 34
Parkeergebouw Leuven IMEC KU - Carl Stahl - 33



translucent facade

Wila Lochem has had a two-storey garage built for the cars of the employees. Floor-to-ceiling cable networks are provided around the ground floor.

balustrades around void

The cable nets fill in the balustrades around the void. The nets are strong enough to catch falling visitors, but at the same time they are extremely transparent.



horizontal nets

An underground parking garage has been realized in the middle of a wooded area in Hilversum. Various openings have been made in the vegetated roof for good ventilation. To prevent passers-by from falling into the garage, cable nets are stretched horizontally.

large spans

Due to the light weight of the cable networks and the use of tension cables, large spans can be realized. It is also possible to cut the nets to size so that not only rectangular openings can be closed.
great things
are built
with the best materials.
– Carl Stahl

about X-TEND®

X-TEND® stainless steel cable mesh is produced on a project-specific basis in our own production facilities in the United States and Europe. Any desired dimension can be realized. Diagonal, triangular or other shapes can also be realized with the cable mesh.

The mesh openings are standard from 18 mm to 400 mm and special mesh openings are of course also possible. The cable diameters are standard 1.5, 2, 3 and 4 mm.

Exactly which type is required depends on the application.

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