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preassembled cable mesh frames.

FRAMEWORKX® Cable Mesh Frame System unites the high quality of X-TEND® stainless steel cable mesh with the benefits of a standardized frame system for a long living and transparent architecture. Conceived for use as railing in-fill in exterior as well as in interior applications, we offer a variety of stainless steel frame profiles for rectangular and diagonal frames preassembled in our workshop. Custom-made or industry-specific, special-purpose solutions can be produced according to your specific requirements.

frameworkx® xt2.

Mesh in classic round profile frames mounted with wrapping installation cable.

FRAMEWORKX® XT2 is our stainless steel cable mesh mounted with visible cable lacings onto tubular frames. Rectangular frames, angled frames for stair railings, frames for the transition from staircase flight to landing, and other special geometries are possible.

With the appropriate frame holders from the FRAMEWORKX® product line, the frames can be easily mounted to the railing structure whether in new or existing buildings. We offer a choice of profile-embracing frame holders, as well as insert elements – such as the “invisible holder”.
XT2 is the easy answer for interior and exterior railing applications. The traditional design of the frames and transparency of the mesh give a classic, spacious look to new or pre-existing construction.

The ready-to-assemble delivery of FRAMEWORKX® XT2 means pleasing aesthetics, easy plannability and an economical solution for railings and staircase structures.
XT2 diagonal frames.
XT2 rectangular frames.
XT2 with wooden posts.

frameworkx® xt3.

Mesh in slotted profile frames.

FRAMEWORKX® XT3 offers an unbeatable combination of aesthetics and safety, durable material and timeless design. It is comprised of X-TEND® mesh preinstalled on round or square profile stainless steel frames. The mesh is discretely mounted to the slotted AISI 316 stainless steel frame to form a uniform surface with no exposed open edges. Each frame is assembled with concealed corner hardware specifically engineered to ensure strength and rigidity. Several mounting hardware options are available to easily and securely install your XT3 system.

The FRAMEWORKX® XT3 frame system is ideally suited to modern architecture, but any other architectural style can also be equipped with a harmonious railing infill when using the XT3 frames in its various frame profile geometries.

X-TEND® mesh production is subject to testing and is regularly inspected by an external testing institute. This includes regular pendulum impact tests on the net and frame systems to prove their suitability as fall protection. The X-TEND® mesh as well as the frame systems can be statically dimensioned to suit your particular requirements.

easy installation.

In addition to the classic stainless steel surface, a color coating in almost any RAL tone is also possible. Just the frame, or both the frame and mesh can be color-coated. In addition, regardless of the frame color, only the mesh can be produced in the X-TEND® COLORS varieties.

The welded and polished stainless steel frames are delivered ready for installation and can be attached to the railing structure on site in a short time using the selected frame holders from the FRAMEWORKX® product range. The ease of installation, stability and durability ideally complement the visual finesse of this elegant fall protection solution.

The ready-to-install frames can be delivered directly to your construction site. We offer on-site installation training and support should you require it.

frameworkx® xt4.

New in 2023! Cable mesh in ready-to-install solid wood frames.

The addition of XT4 to our product portfolio expands our range of frame systems for interior applications. X-TEND® stainless steel cable mesh is cleverly combined with the natural grain of a solid wood profile frame. Radiating warmth and security, each frame is unique due to the individual growth of the natural product. High quality, regional woods of oak, ash and beech are available. Cable mesh infill options for XT4 are stainless steel, black or one of our available X-TEND® Colors.



The price of the FRAMEWORKX® Frame System depends on the mesh size, the cable thickness, the shape and the purchase. Contact us for a price quote.

delivery time.

Delivery time of the FRAMEWORKX® Frame System depends on the type of mesh your project requires. Call or email us for more information on lead time.


Every project is unique. That is why a suitable quotation is drawn up for each project. Please contact us to discuss the project.

catalog and data sheets.

FRAMEWORKX Cable Mesh Frame System-Carl Stahl DecorCable
Brochure (4mb)
XT2® Data Sheet (2mb) 
XT3® Data Sheet (2mb) 
FRAMEWORKX-XT4-Data-Sheet-Carl Stahl DecorCable
XT4® Data Sheet (2mb)
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