Capilano Suspension Bridge
N. Vancouver, BC

Creative solutions with stainless steel cable & mesh systems.

Welcome to Carl Stahl DécorCable. Our stainless steel cable systems for architecture and design contribute to a safe living environment and a more sustainable world. The wide range of cable diameters, end fittings and the 3-D adaptability of the cable mesh give you great freedom to explore your creativity. Provide safe passage for pedestrians with our flexible cable mesh railing infill that prevents falls but never inhibits the view. Create vertical gardens in urban areas with our stainless steel greening systems. Enclose a rooftop patio to keep people safe and let nature in. These are only a few of the many applications for which our products excel.

We would love to work with you! Please contact us with any questions or to discuss your project. 
Queen's Quay Parking Garage - Toronto, ON
John Street Bridge - Toronto, ON
Ramsden Park - Toronto, ON

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