A safe playing environment.

Safety is a must in recreational spaces. Our X-TEND® cable mesh is frequently used to create a safe environment. Due to its flexibility and unique 3D capabilities, the cable mesh can be used in the most complex public spaces, playground areas and sporting facilities. 

Place de Famille Playground
Quebec City

Bob the Fish
Westfield UTC Mall  LaJolla, CA

Batting Cage
Corlears Hook Park
New York, NY

The Limb Bender 
Children's Museum Pittsburgh


Place de Famille Playground

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

The Treehouse at Place de Famille Playground

Located in Limoilou, Quebec City, Quebec, Place de Famille Playgound is a large family park adjacent to a retail complex and a sports & entertainment venue. Dynamo Playgounds was presented with the goal of creating a playground that was reminiscent of the treehouses that Peter Pan and his Lost Boys might have built. Their creative and adventurous design required safe containment while also making the treehouse appear open and exciting. X-TEND® cable mesh was chosen for it’s superior safety features and it’s ability to provide an unobstructed view.

Photos Courtesy of Dynamo Playgrounds, Ontario, Canada.

Bob the Fish
Westfield UTC Mall Playgound

LaJolla, CA

Westfield UTC Mall Playgound - Bob The Fish

Playgrounds and amusement parks often require equipment with challenging shapes. These shapes must be child-friendly and, above all, safe. Bob The Fish, an enchanting playground installation at Westfield UTC Mall in LaJolla, CA was created by Dynamo Playgrounds using X-TEND® cable mesh as infill for the fish-shaped steel frame. Bob houses a children's play structure that is secured with our cable mesh as fall protection.

Photos Courtesy of Dynamo Playgrounds, Ontario, Canada.

Corlears Hook Park
Batting Cage

New York, NY

Corlears Hook Park

X-TEND® stainless steel cable mesh in a black oxidized finish provides maximum safety for the batting cage enclosure at Corlears Hook Park in New York City. 

The Limb Bender at
Children's Museum Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA

Children's Museum Pittsburgh

The Limb Bender at Children’s Museum Pittsburgh is a maze of long, wide climbing platforms enclosed with X-TEND® stainless steel cable mesh.  X-TEND® makes it easy and safe for kids to reach exciting new heights!

Public Parks

Parks and Public Spaces

The high durability and low maintenance of X-TEND® make it a perfect solution for public spaces. Many sizes of X-TEND® are climb resistant and code compliant, easing specification tasks for safety railings and fall protection for the public. Below are some examples of X-TEND® used in these settings.

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About X-TEND®

X-TEND® stainless steel cable mesh is produced on a project-specific basis in our own production facilities in the United States and Europe. Any desired dimension can be realized. Diagonal, triangular or other shapes can also be realized with the cable mesh.

The mesh openings are standard from 18 mm to 400 mm and special mesh openings are of course also possible. The cable diameters are standard 1.5, 2, 3 and 4 mm.

Exactly which type is required depends on the application.

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