Playgound Equipment

A safe playing environment.

Where children go, safety is a must. Carl Stahl's strong nets are frequently used to create a safe playing environment. Due to the flexibility, the nets can be used in the most complex playground equipment. 
Speeltuin Sarphatipark - kabelnetten - Carl Stahl

Sarphati Park


Tree Crown Tower

Play Pendulum

East  Amsterdam

Oosterpark Amsterdam

This beautiful play pendulum was designed by Carve and can be found in the Oosterpark in Amsterdam. The flexible cable nets follow the lines of the playground equipment.

Frederik Hendrik Plantsoen

Central Amsterdam

Central Amsterdam

This challenging playground equipment can be found in the center of Amsterdam. The children can climb in the various trunks.

Sarphati Park

Amsterdam de Pijp

Amsterdam de Pijp

This adventurous playground equipment can be found in De Pijp. The playset offers several layers, bridges and corridors, as well as a lookout tower over the park.

Tree Crown Tower

Amsterdam Sloter Park

Challenging Shapes

Playgrounds and amusement parks require playground equipment with challenging shapes. These shapes must be child-friendly and, above all, safe.


Amsterdam Vondel Park

Batok egg

In the Batok egg, nets have been placed in the round holes to close the egg and keep the playground equipment safe.

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About X-TEND®

X-TEND® stainless steel cable mesh is produced on a project-specific basis in our own production facilities in the United States and Europe. Any desired dimension can be realized. Diagonal, triangular or other shapes can also be realized with the cable mesh.

The mesh openings are standard from 18 mm to 400 mm and special mesh openings are of course also possible. The cable diameters are standard 1.5, 2, 3 and 4 mm.

Exactly which type is required depends on the application.

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