I-SYS® stainless steel cables, rods, and hardware possess the qualities most desired by discerning architects, designers, and engineers: high quality, striking aesthetics, and full recyclability. I-SYS® is perfect for visual displays, green wall systems, structural applications, and balustrades.


X-TEND® stainless mesh fabric is a unique, patented fabric that is as flexible as you are. It is the only 100% stainless steel product in the world to gracefully and beautifully adapt to your most challenging 3-D tensile project.


X-TEND2® is the easy answer for interior and exterior balustrade applications. Mesh panels arrive preinstalled on stainless steel frames. Our universal mounting system allows easy installation of your X-TEND2® panels to posts, floor, walls, or handrails.
X-TEND3® balustrade infill system offers an unbeatable combination of aesthetics and safety, durable material and timeless design. It is comprised of X-TEND® CXS mesh preinstalled on round or square profile stainless steel frames. Each frame is assembled with concealed corner hardware specifically engineered to ensure strength and rigidity.


X-TEND® CXS is designed to give you a high end custom rail look without long lead time or complicated installation. It can be installed into any guardrail system. The mesh is easily field-sized and comes with everything you need for a fast and easy field installation.


FACADESCAPE® Green Wall Systems combine the best in stainless cable technology with the environmental benefits of greening. The benefits of vertical plantscapes can now be applied to any structure or site, from micro-gardens to stadiums.


GREENCABLE Greenery System unites high-tech with ingenious simplicity. It is comprised of 3mm or 4mm stainless steel wire ropes and specially designed aluminum wall holders.

Visual Display



MOBILE CABLES SYTEM® suspends your ideas with clarity and transparency. The light architecture of MCS® requires little space, and can be mounted almost anywhere. The system offers a complete line of cables, rods, and hardware manufactured from the highest quality materials.


POSILOCK® suspension system fills the need for an easily adaptable cable display system. The wide variety of cable diameters allows you to customize the look and function of your visual display. Simply choose your cable diameter, anchor system, and hanging hardware to create your own unique display solution.


STREAMLINE™ design accessories add the perfect finishing touch to your project. We offer a complete line of standoffs and caps to accommodate your design requirements. Our acrylic envelopes and brochure holders are designed to work seamlessly with our suspension and display systems.

Sustainability Report


Carl Stahl DécorCable is proud to offer products that respond to the growing desire of the architecture and design community to lead the way in the areas of Environmental Building Practices and Sustainable Living. Our company philosophy was established long ago and remains clear: to offer products that maximize function and beauty while minimizing environmental impact. Our sustainability commitment means our products:

  1. Are quality engineered from stainless steel, brass, and aluminum. They are naturally corrosion resistant for long use cycles and are fully recyclable upon disposal. Established recycling programs around the world ensure easy compliance with recycling/reuse goals. We strive to use resources that make as much use of recycled materials as possible.
  2. Do not require coatings, cleaners and solvents to ensure long term beauty and functionality. This also minimizes ongoing maintenance costs.
  3. Carefully engineered and manufactured to minimize material waste and negative on-site impact during installation.
  4. Manufactured in a facility certified to the stringent ISO 14001 Standard for Environmental Management Systems.

At Carl Stahl DécorCable, the philosophy of “The Best InTension” drives our desire to offer uncompromising products and service. We believe that high quality products facilitate high quality design. For more information about sustainable architecture practices, visit the AIA sustainable design website at or visit the US Green Building Council at


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Carl Stahl DécorCable is proud to offer a comprehensive range of cable, rod and mesh systems for architectural, structural and interior design applications.

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