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More space, more impact, more safety: Staircase redevelopment for residential building in Ottobrunn

By Michelle Perry on 3/23/2017

X-TEND®, as vertical fall protection, elegantly embraces the trapeze-shaped well, lending the interior openness and light. Stretching from top to bottom of the staircase over nine floors, X-TEND® from Carl Stahl ensures safety on the stairs in the Sternhaus in the upper Bavarian town of Ottobrunn. The stainless steel mesh links the steps and landings of the redeveloped staircase providing protection as well as being a design element.


As vertical fall protection, X-TEND® satisfies requirements of stability and durability. The 470 square meters of stainless steel mesh reliably protect residents of and visitors to the Sternhaus when going up and down stairs while maintaining a clear view of the space between the steps and the landings. 


The planners, Gassner & Zarecky Architekten and Ingenieure Partnerschaft, Riemerling, Germany, gave the step protection an elegant, delicate design: Virtually unnoticeable, X-TEND® is attached to metal posts which are mounted on the sidepieces of stairs and landings. The blackened X-TEND® Colors is visually understated yet has a distinct impact on the overall design.










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